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An unexpected journey | LotrProject Blog
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the blog

An unexpected journey

This is the brand new blog of lotrproject.com. I have created it as a way to share the experience I’ve gathered from creating and marketing the family tree, handling the traffic to the site and making the Android app. In this post I give a short background to why I started doing this in the first place.

Well, I guess you could say the journey began when I read the Lord of the Rings for the first time in third or fourth grade. I finished the books just before the movies came out and could therefore create my own vision of Middle-Earth. After seeing Peter Jacksons masterpiece I quickly became what is best described as a Lord of the Rings fanatic. In fifth grade me and a few friends dressed up as the fellowship for an annual carnival at school. I was dressed as Frodo, complete with hairy feet, wig, clothes and an elven cape.

I read everything there was to read about the world of Middle-Earth and immersed myself completely. It may have been an escape from the dull real world. Sweden is after all not that exciting compared to the beautiful halls of Rivendell or the enchanted woods of Lothlórien. I had always been fascinated by stories of people living in the wild and fantasized of running away and living in the woods like Aragorn. I obviously never did. I always came to the conclusion that I would miss not having a computer.

It was when fantasizing of a life in Middle-Earth I started outlining some of the relationships of the characters in Silmarillion. What at first only covered a small part of a A4 paper suddenly spanned several papers. A few weeks later and I had almost 600 characters covered across two A0 papers. My intention was never to share it with anyone and I never did until several years later.

In November last year I decided it was time to put the family tree on the web. It proved more difficult than I imagined and I have spent countless hours researching and programming. At first I hoped there would be some existing software or script available but nothing I found suited my needs. I ended up doing it all by myself using a great jQuery library called jsPlumb to draw the lines and php and mysql for handling the database.

Three months ago I decided it was time to publish the project. It was not finished and certainly had a lot of bugs but I could no longer wait and wanted to share it with the world. After receiving some positive feedback from a few Tolkien fans I registered lotrproject.com. The site quickly received a lot of attention from around the world. I hope you will follow this blog as I share some of the experience I’ve gathered from doing the project.

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