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Gollum & Sméagol to release new diet book | LotrProject Blog
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Gollum & Sméagol to release new diet book

Gollum & Sméagol are set to posthumously publish a new diet book called The One Ring Diet. It is wonderful news for fans of their last bestselling help-yourself book How to Age Gracefully. LotrProject has been able to recieve a preview of the cover of the new book which is set for release later this year.

The authors tragic death at Mount Doom in T.A. 3019 also unfortunately meant the destruction of the One Ring. This appears to be the main reason for the delayed publishing of the One Ring Diet. It is yet unknown how the fact that the One Ring no longer exists will affect sales. According to an anonymous source this problem will be thoroughly discussed in several chapters, written by a mysterious “guest writer”.


If you have come this far and actually believe this is happening, feel free to contact me.

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