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The Perks of a Geeky Project | LotrProject Blog
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I REGULARLY COME ACROSS PEOPLE who wonder why I choose to spend so much time doing a project about the Lord of the Rings. After all, it does not generate any money and some people consider my fascination of Middle-earth a bit obsessive, something which in most cases is not seen as a good thing. This typically puts me in a position where I want to defend or motivate my decision to pursue this hobby. However, it is not always the right time or place to do so and I tend to, quite frankly, get a bit tired of doing that.

I think the main reason some people find my dedication to Tolkien’s works strange is because they fail to recognize it as being just like any other hobby. Possibly because it is considered geekier than being a fan of a sports team or being obsessed by shopping or looking good. Reacting negatively towards someone who is different from yourself is also very natural. I find myself doing it far to often and it is unfortunately not easily changed.

I suppose another reason is that it is a bit difficult for some to understand what I could possibly get out of this. Now, obviously I do it because I love the world created by J.R.R. Tolkien but there are a few other things that motivate me as well.

The first thing, and the main reason I started the project in the first place, is that I like to create things and experiment. Whether it is by painting, drawing, doing photography or doing something for the web I usually will end up creating  something. LotrProject was very much an outlet for both my creativity and imagination. I personally believe it is massively important to, every once in a while, create something not because you must but because you can and feel like doing so.

The second thing, I guess the reason I continued spending time working on the site, is due to recognition. After a few months online the project became widely recognized both by media and other Tolkien fans. Having created something seen as valuable by the fan community really felt great. The power of feeling recognized for something you’ve done is really strong and naturally I wanted to keep that feeling.

The third thing is something I have only recently become aware of but it is probably the most important thing in the long run. It is the fact that I have been able to connect with people and make friends from all over the world. I am currently on my way home from Stockholm after having a great time meeting up with Clifford Broadway (Quickbeam) from TheOneRing.net. He is just one of many friends I have made through the site and who have shown me both generosity and kindness.

After the premiere of the Desolation of Smaug, a Twitter follower I didn’t know anything about but for his Twitter handle sent me a PM saying he wanted to talk about the movie over the phone. And so we did, for three hours! Moments like that have followed this project since the very beginning.

I AM NOT SURE IF I WILL try to explain my motivations behind doing the project the next time someone asks me about it. Maybe I will. The important thing though is that I know why I do it. Other people’s opinions will not take away the joy, satisfaction or the creativity I feel doing this. Nor will they be able to take away amazing people I have met.

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