T.A. 2763 - 10 November, T.A. 2994
Balin, son of Fundin, was a dwarf of the House of Durin who along with his younger brother, Dwalin, participated in the Quest for Erebor.1

He spent most of his life in exile, being only very young when Smaug descended upon the Lonely Mountain in T.A. 2770.1, 2 He was present at the Battle of Azanulbizar, and afterwards followed Thráin and Thorin to Dunland and then the Blue Mountains.1

In T.A. 2941,2 he and his brother Dwalin were members of Thorin's company in the Quest for Erebor. He arrived at Bag End after his brother and is described as being very old looking, with a white beard and a scarlet hood. He fought and survived the Battle of Five Armies and settled in the restored kingdom of Erebor.3 With Gandalf he visited Bilbo in T.A. 2949.4, 2

Despite their wealth and prosperity, he and many dwarves of the Lonely Mountain longed to return to Moria. Balin also desired to find the ring of Thráin5. Therefore in T.A. 2989,2 he led Ori, Óin and others to their ancestral home. Balin became Lord of Moria, but died in T.A. 2994 when he was shot with an arrow by an orc when he went to look upon the Mirrormere.2, 6 The colony survived until later that year when it was destroyed and all of the colonists perished with it.2, 5
Positions & titles
Lord of Moria T.A. 2989 - T.A. 2994
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