Dís, born in T.A. 2760, was the daughter of Thráin II, younger sister of Thorin and Frerin, and the only female Dwarf known by name.1
She was born in the Lonely Mountain and was driven into exile with her brothers in T.A. 2770 when dragon Smaug sacked the kingdom.2

Dís had two sons, Fíli and Kíli, who participated in the Quest for Erebor in T.A. 2941.2 They perished during the Battle of Five Armies, defending their mortally wounded uncle Thorin. It was this act that made Dís one of very few women included in Dwarven genealogies and the only one known by name from Tolkien's works.2

Female Dwarves only made up a third of the total population and were rarely seen.2 They were so similar to male Dwarves in both appearance and voice that they were often mistaken for males by other races.
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