Gerontius Took
Hobbit, Took
T.A. 2790 - T.A. 2920
Other names: The Old Took
Gerontius Took, also known as the Old Took, was the husband of Adamanta Chubb and the father of twelve children (including Belladonna Took, mother of Bilbo Baggins).1 He was the 26th Thain of the Shire and the second longest living Hobbit in Middle-earth history.

Gerontius Took, born in T.A. 2790, was the only son of Fortinbras I.1 He married Adamanta Chubb and together they had twelve children: Isengrim III, Hildigard, Isumbras IV, Hildigrim, Isembold, Hildifons, Isembard, Hildibrand, Belladonna, Donnamira, Mirabella and Isengar. Adamanta and Gerontius long held the record for most offspring but were beat by Samwise Gamgee and Rose Cotton, who had thirteen children together.2

After the death of his father in T.A. 2848, Gerontius became the twenty-sixth Thain of the Shire.1 In the Hobbit it is revealed that he was a friend of Gandalf, who gave him "a pair of magic diamond studs that fastened themselves and never came undone till ordered."3

Gerontius died in T.A. 2920, aged 130, and passed on the title of Thain to his oldest son, Isengrim III.1 This made him the second longest living Hobbit in the history of Middle-earth. He was beat when his grandson Bilbo Baggins, who had his life prolonged from the One Ring, celebrated his 131st birthday.4
Positions & titles
Thain of the Shire T.A. 2848 - T.A. 2920
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