Life expectancy
Average life span for Dwarves, Hobbits and Men. Since Elves and Ainur live forever if not killed they are not included.

When looking and interpreting these numbers there are a few things one must consider. The Hobbit lifespan of 96 years is most likely a very good estimation. Hobbits are fortunately both well documented and relatively high in numbers.

The life of a Dwarf is on average 195 years which is a bit lower than the 300 years one would expect. However, most of the Dwarves Tolkien described, which were few, died in battle. This makes the number biased since it does not represent the entire population.

The life length of Men is perhaps the most complex to interpret. To give a complete picture they have been separated by Age and and into three groups.
Sample size
Race With birth and death date All
Dwarves 26 51
Men 201
Hobbits 78 211

Standard deviation
Race Mean age Standard deviation
Dwarves 194,5 76,56
Hobbits 96,84 10,64
All 163,41 102,87
Númenoreans + descendants
237,2 88,46
Other men
81,85 30,64