of Middle-Earth

A timeline of important events throughout the history of Middle-earth.

The Hobbit Timeline
Learn about the the Hobbit. Explore the genealogy of the main characters and navigate through the story in the timeline.
Published on the Hobbit Day 2012 by Emil Johansson and Daniel Helen.
25/04 (25 Astron) - Gandalf approaches Bilbo Baggins about going on an adventure.
26/04 (26 Astron) - Thirteen dwarves led by Thorin Oakeshield and Gandalf the Grey throng to Bag End. Bilbo is recruited as their burglar in the Quest of Erebor. Gandalf gives Thorin his grandfather's map and key.
27/04 (27 Astron) - Thorin and Company depart from Bywater.
Gandalf disappears. Bilbo and the dwarves encounter and are captured by the three trolls, Bert Bill, and Tom. Gandalf tricks the trolls into a prolonged argument and they turn to stone at dawn.
The company cross the ford of Bruinen and meet Elrond at the Last Homely House, Rivendell.
Midyear's Day -
2 Lithe - The company depart from Rivendell.
Bilbo and the dwarves are captured by the goblins in the Misty Mountains. Having avoided capture himself, Gandalf rescues the company. In their haste to escape Bilbo is separated from the rest of the group.
Bilbo finds the One Ring.
Bilbo meets Gollum and they play a game of Riddles.
With the help of the ring, Bilbo escapes from Gollum and the goblins and is reunited with Gandalf and the dwarves on the east side of the Misty Mountains.
The company is trapped by wargs and goblins, and are rescued by eagles.
The eagles fly the company to the Carrock.
Gandalf meets Beorn and introduces the company to him. They stay at Beorn's halls.
The company depart from Beorn's halls.
Gandalf leaves the company at the western eaves of Mirkwood.
The company cross the Enchanted River. Bombur falls in and enters into a deep sleep.
Bombur eventually awakes and tells the company of his dream of a great feast in the forest. Drawn by similar apparitions, the company departs from the forest path.
The dwarves are captured by giant spiders. Bilbo rescues them.
The dwarves are captured by the Wood-elves and taken to Thranduil's halls.
Bilbo frees the dwarves from imprisonment and the company travel down the river in barrels.
22/9 (22 Halimath) - The company eventually reach Lake-town and they are given a warm welcome by the Lake-men.
The company depart from Lake-town.
The company leave the river and ride towards the Lonely Mountain.
Bilbo finds the hidden path.
Durin's Day. The Secret Door is opened. Bilbo enters the Lonely Mountain as the company's burglar and steals a two-handed cup whilst Smaug sleeps.
Bilbo returns to the treasure chamber and encounters Smaug.
Smaug leaves the mountain, smashes the Secret Door and destroys Lake-town.
Smaug is killed by Bard the Bowman.
Word of Smaug's death spreads far and wide.
Thranduil and a host of elves head for Lake-town.
The joint force of Lake-men, led by Bard, and elves, led by Thranduil, besiege the Lonely Mountain.
Bilbo sneaks out and gives Bard and Thranduil the Arkenstone.
Thranduil and Bard offer Thorin the Arkenstone in exchange for their share of the treasure. Thorin casts out Bilbo.
Thorin and Bilbo meet. He repents his words and dies.
Bilbo, Gandalf, and Beorn leave the Lonely Mountain.
Gandalf and Bilbo stay at Beorn's halls before departing eastward.
Gandalf and Bilbo reach Rivendell.
Gandalf and Bilbo return to Hobbiton only to find that most of the contents of Bag End have been auctioned off.
- Balin and Gandalf visit Bilbo in Hobbiton sometime during the autumn.