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Best Hero category at the MTV Movie Awards 2013
The MTV Movie Award for Best Hero in cinema of 2012 will be decided by a public vote on Twitter and Instagram. Voting is done by including a hashtag in your tweet, i.e. #votebilbo.

I designed this page to show the progress in vote count over time. Needless to say I vote for Bilbo Baggins myself!
Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins
Kristen Stewart as Snow White
Vote count over time
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Current gap size
(between #votebilbo & #votesnowwhite)
+ 104608 VOTES
Time left
(voting now ends when the winner is announced - source - which deviates from the original rules)
The MTV Movie Awards has started.
Current voting speeds
8.6 votes/minute
4.8 votes/minute
0.5 votes/minute
0.2 votes/minute
0 votes/minute
0.1 votes/minute
Historical gap size
This graph show the historical gap size between #votebilbo and #votesnowwhite. Values are negative when Snow White is in the lead and positive when Bilbo is in the lead.
Tweets per minute
The lines in this graph show total Twitter votes per minute for #votebilbo and #votesnowwhite. The filled area represents the number of unique Twitter users voting per 100 tweets.

Note that these numbers only show Tweets and does not account for how MTV filter spam.
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Suggestions for tweets
See current votes per minute and vote counts for the #movieawards in the battle between Snow White and #votebilbo (link)
I #votebilbo because when he says 'Good Morning' he means it.
#votebilbo because 'Stinging' giant spiders is not as much fun as it sounds
You! Mr. Bilbo where're you off to? I'm going to win the MTV Movie Awards! #votebilbo #movieawards
I give my vote to Bilbo, the Unexpected Hero! #votebilbo #movieawards
#votebilbo and celebrate with him under the Party Tree